Strategic solutions infused with best-in-class creative execution.

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Our approach.

Delivering exceptional experiences for our clients, communities, and employees.

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As communicators, collaborators, and consultants, we’ve partnered with growth-minded firms for over 30 years to create exceptional brand moments and authentic client experiences, all with an uncompromising commitment to quality.

We believe that a focus on thoughtful strategy and key messaging is the best way to accelerate growth for our clients. It might sound simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. This is where our expertise lives — in the precise craft of developing the unique, memorable moments that attract the talent that’s essential for continued growth and the clients you want to serve for the long-term.

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We're guided by a single purpose — to create best-in-class experiences for businesses in pursuit of continued growth. At the core it's about taking a long-term view to create memorable, meaningful brands that clients can live every day.

Our process.

1We get you.

Through total immersion, we work to gather every piece of information we can about your business. We look at all aspects of your company from how it works to what it stands for and how it is perceived. This thorough discovery process helps bring a unique clarity of focus to your brand that guides and drives all future strategies. From this position of clarity we can develop thoughtful strategies and key messaging that can truly differentiate your business.

2We guide you.

The word “partnership” is thrown around far too often, but this is the one time the word is certainly warranted. We’re collaborators at our core — we’ll stand side-by-side with you, always ensuring that our strategic and creative execution is perfectly aligned with your goals and expectations. Leveraging decades of experience in helping A/E/C, financial, and B2B organizations thrive, we’ll work with you to deliver the right message — to the right audience — at the right time. Every time.

3We grow you, guaranteed.

A phrase commonly heard around our office is “we love it when our clients win,” and this philosophy permeates through everything we do. Our first and most important goal is to help our clients develop and launch winning strategies that delight customers and excite employees for more great things to come. We monitor and evaluate our work to ensure long-term success, and we believe in forms of success that are objective and quantifiable. Everything we do rests on a groundwork of creating measurable growth for our clients. Our strategies and tactics have helped our clients capture success time and time again. We get you. We guide you. And perhaps most importantly, we grow you.

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A Commitment to Delivering Exceptional Experiences

At circle S we see the world through a “yes and” lens — always open to new possibilities. Our culture is much like our approach — centered around core values of respect, collaboration, and drive.

With a passion for helping our clients win, we come together early and often to create powerful experiences that help brands define new avenues for growth.

Our History

The origin of circle S studio began close to 40 years ago when Susan Quinn left the financial industry to pursue her own business. In 1999, a new partnership was formed with Michelle Davis to combine strategic thinking with creative execution that goes beyond palettes and pixels.

This shared vision was key in bringing together a powerful team of kindred spirits who share a vision of building a company full of diverse ideas and opinions that, together, has led to powerful results for our clients.

This is who we are. A multigenerational team laser-focused on creating exceptional experiences, every time, for everyone.

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Know yourself and what you do. Focus on quality. Adapt to change. Get better all the time. These are the traits we follow every day to empower our team with a clarity of vision centered around defining the "why" of what we do.

Careers by Design

At circle S studio, we believe in the power of helping driven individuals work together towards common goals. We help our employees build their own career paths because we know that focusing on individual strengths is far more rewarding than trying to work inside a mold.

Our employee-first approach to career development focuses on building authentic, enjoyable, and rewarding employee experiences. We value having a diverse set of voices at the table, and believe that growth only occurs when limits are tested and problems are approached from a variety of perspectives. But don’t just take our word for it, read what some of our current and former employees have to say about circle S.

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