Going beyond palettes and pixels to create powerful experiences that inspire.



Brands live and grow through the thoughtful curation and promotion of the employee and client experiences.

We work with you to turn your dreams into reality, giving you a cohesive, scalable visual hierarchy through which you can express your vision for the future with messaging that’s relevant today.

Brand Development

Your brand is the medium through which you convey your organization’s visions and values to the world. It defines who you are and describes where you’re heading. Importantly, it should resonate with your actions, accelerate your growth, and accentuate the areas where you stand apart from the competition.

We help best-in-class firms develop visual identities that align with their goals and strategies. From your logos to your website and all the ways you communicate, your organization needs to speak with a consistent, compelling language that is expressed in every client interaction.

How do we start brand development? Click through the steps below


Discovery & Brand Positioning

We begin by digging deep into what makes your organization different to uncover the authentic elements that set your brand apart.


Messaging, Voice & Taglines

Once we understand your mission, vision, and values, we develop strategic messaging that expresses these traits in a unique way.


Logo Development

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a logo is worth far more than that. We carefully infuse your brand’s messaging into a concise, memorable logo that reflects the spirit of your organization.


Brand Refresh

With the messaging and logo in place, we begin the process of refreshing your brand from the bottom up, creating a plan for the assets that you will use daily to express your core beliefs.


Brand Guidelines & Styles

A detailed guide that outlines the standards of your new brand is developed.


Brand Expression

The processes and procedures you need to consistently express your brand in an easily replicable manner are defined. Keep your brand expression on-point with the support you need to keep your organization moving.


Brand Launch Support

We build out the assets you need to have a successful brand launch, and support you through the process to ensure a seamless transition.

Brand Expression

This is where your brand comes to life and where we are intensely focused on experiences that delight. Plain and simple. Are they memorable? And do you leave people wanting more? At circle S we say “Yes, and!” when it comes to expressing the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Branded Environmental Design

We help organizations infuse the key elements of their brands into the physical spaces that surround them. From interior design to decorations, signage, logos and more, we believe that spaces have important stories to tell, and we help our clients infuse their vision and values into the spaces their teams inhabit every day.

  • Interior design and alignment of physical spaces with brand principles.
  • Posters, signage, and more to convey values and information that inspires and delights.

In-Person & Virtual Events

Brands don’t just exist within the four corners of your office, they explore and grow and travel to new and interesting places. We help businesses prepare for conferences, presentations, and more by giving them the tools and materials they need to construct compelling marketing materials and memorable brand experiences for in-person and virtual events.

  • Immersive in-person visual experiences that combine multiple visual elements into one cohesive expression of their brand.
  • Trade show booth design to create environments that inspire clients and stakeholders into action.
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© 2024 circle S studio Privacy Policy