Many skill sets with one focus—helping our clients win.

Susan Quinn

Chief Executive Officer

Susan has over 30 years of experience as an agency owner, building great success for both our clients and the circle S team. As a consultant and executive coach, her intuitive and dynamic approach has made her a trusted ally to C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies and beyond.

She has the extraordinary ability to assemble the right pieces to bring structure and clarity. It’s no wonder she’s built a team of the best and the brightest who consistently deliver smart solutions for our clients.

Susan embodies visionary and authentic leadership and is always focused on “doing what matters.” Passionate about creating and building best-in-class companies, she empowers others to better their best. She’s committed to a lifetime of learning with a constant thirst for knowledge, bringing fresh ideas to the table at every meeting. The pride that Susan feels about circle S is rivaled by only one thing: spending time with her family and granddaughters.

I love it when people see things from a fresh perspective.

Michelle Davis

Chief Creative Officer

Michelle is energized by uncovering creative and remarkable ways to bring brands to life. Since the early days of circle S, she has blended the conceptual and practical to create top-notch work that delivers results. Tapping into both sides of the brain, she can piece together any creative puzzle.

Before her agency career, Michelle was a pre-med student fascinated by neurosurgery research and while branding isn’t brain surgery, there is a science and an art to it. Michelle has perfected both. Her ability to lead and craft meticulous designs while keeping an eye on the big picture is unmatched.

Beyond creating exceptional brands, Michelle amplifies their essence into the working environment -- creating spaces that enhance company cultures helping to attract and retain talent.

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys volunteering for Children’s Hospital and being with her family.

I love it when we create moments that surprise and delight.

Tim Asimos

Director of Digital & Growth Marketing

With an unwavering focus on the user experience, Tim guides the creation and development of websites and other digital projects. His savvy insight, technological prowess, and many years of working with B2B and A/E/C firms helps clients continue to grow. He keeps a keen eye on the trends impacting the digital world. Perhaps that’s why he has an affinity for roller coasters.

Tim is a true champion of thought leadership and content marketing, and this expertise makes him a highly sought-after speaker all over the country. His appetite for the new and exciting keeps him on the leading edge of marketing trends for our company and our clients.

He is also a devoted husband and father, is actively involved with SMPS, and is a past president of the Richmond chapter of the American Marketing Association.

I love helping our clients navigate the twists and turns of the digital world.

Rachel Butcher

Director of Finance

As our Director of Finance, Rachel brings calm to our busy agency life. Her exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail and friendly spirit make her a critical member of the circle S team.

A native of Michigan, Rachel earned her BBA from Western Michigan University. Since moving to our river city, she has been sharpening her accounting skills for nearly 2 decades. As someone who manages our financial well-being, Rachel's multi-dimensional thinking combines precision analysis with an appreciation for the arts.

Outside the office, Rachel enjoys bringing her creative eye to the interior design of her home. As a wife and a mother of two young daughters, her family is the inspiration for everything she does.

I love it when everything adds up and a vision comes to life.

Katie McElroy

Director of Operations

Katie has a talent for getting things done and never fails to keep everything moving and organized, while continuing to refine and develop efficient processes that help us, and our clients, thrive.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a master’s in communications and a concentration in advertising, she started her career at the Martin Agency, honing her skills with national brands. For over a decade she has helped grow circle S and our clients in A/E/C and the financial industries.

Katie's long-term memory is a great service at circle S—especially with our many long-term clients. She has an uncanny memory for the project details we need today as well as what happened over a decade ago, and always with her characteristic grace, intelligence, and humor.

I love taking the right step to deliver a great experience for our clients.

Tami Berry

Director of Consulting

Tami leads the Consulting practice area and the strategic development of employee and client experiences of a brand. She begins by immersing herself in that brand and absorbing as much as she can. She then takes the most complex information, simplifies it to its true essence, and consults with our clients based on her findings.

Tami graduated with an MBA from the University of Richmond and proves daily that she is indeed a master. Having spent several years in the corporate marketing world, two of which were Fortune 500 companies, Tami is well versed in the financial services field. She’s managed brands, provided corporate communications, and also worked as a media buyer. Her strategic expertise has evolved over the years, shaped by passion and lived experiences.

An avid reader, Tami encompasses the sections of the bookstores she frequents. In her, you’ll find philosophy, science, humor, history, and so much more. Her insightfulness is appreciated by our team and our clients.

I love it when we surpass client expectations when envisioning their next chapter.

Sanya Chandler

Research & Strategy Manager

Sanya is consistently mapping pathways and discovering new solutions for our clients. Her background as a paralegal, where she supported the strategic e-discovery efforts for a national law firm, informs her work in supporting our consulting efforts and positions her in an integral role in driving projects forward toward a successful result.

In addition to collaborating with clients, Sanya can be found conducting research and analysis, performing competitive and survey analysis, and supporting the development of messaging. She delights in uncovering what differentiates clients and empowers them to grow and succeed.

Sanya's curious and innovative mindset is inspired by her love of traveling. She earned her MBA from the University of Richmond and has previously served on UR’s MBA Alumni Council as the Events and Marketing Chair.

I love it when research offers clients new insights.

Lindsay Clapp

Account Executive

Lindsay is a solution-oriented person, who thrives on not only meeting, but exceeding, expectations for all stakeholders. As a client advocate, she coordinates the strategic, creative and digital resources needed to meet their objectives.

With a bachelor’s from VCU in Anthropology, Lindsay has a keen sense of the importance of cultures in building relationships. She relishes the resolutions that come to her unexpectedly, finding that a change of perspective is often the ticket to tangible results.

In her spare time, Lindsay enjoys cooking and getting outdoors with her husband — hiking, biking, and staying active.

I love it when collaboration delivers exceptional experiences for our clients.

David McIntosh

Production & Resources Manager

David’s attentive eye and focus on seeing work accomplished at the highest level is greatly valued in a role where he seamlessly translates details into completed deliverables for our clients. He is driven by a continuous improvement mindset and always seeks opportunities to elevate through process refinements, production coordination, and project communications.

As resources coordinator, communication is key and David’s ability to connect the dots has shown up time and time again over his 22 years in the industry. Notably, he served on the Board of Directors for the Richmond Chapter of AIGA and participated in the multi-disciplinary effort GOOD Ideas for Cities to promote tourism in Richmond. In all that he does, David skillfully blends the creative and the analytical to bring forth a successful result.

I love it when the precision of evocative creative inspires both our clients and ourselves.

Micaela Green

Account Executive

With over 13 years of experience in the industry, Micaela understands that the perfect blend of a strategic approach with creative that captivates is the way to deliver a successful result — and appreciates the nuances it takes to get there. From brand management to digital marketing, her experience across multiple markets, most notably within the wine industry, informs the white glove service she offers to clients.

Just as a fine wine is complex with flavors that build upon one another, Micaela recognizes that there is no one size fits all solution and brings balance and harmony in the work she does, assembling the right team to deliver solutions that leave a lasting impression.

Embracing all that life has to offer, Micaela enjoys experiences that involve good food, good drinks, and good times with friends.

I love supporting brands through a strategic lens that helps create unique value propositions.

Erin Bray

Senior Designer

In her role as Senior Designer, Erin uses her keen eye and immense talent to create brands that elevate and differentiate our clients. Her strong, quiet confidence perfectly balances her devotion to meticulous craftsmanship.

Erin has a special affinity for the art and history of design, especially the visual elements that make up a brand, from type to palettes to pixels. She has been honing her skills for over a decade to regularly create artful solutions.

A lover of live music, Erin brings brands to life by orchestrating every element to strike just the right harmony through thoughtful design and impeccable execution.

I love creating something new by combining the craft of vintage techniques with new digital technologies.

Crystal Cregge

Senior Designer

Crystal is a design strategist who uses the visual arts to bring our clients’ visions to life with beautiful, eye-catching solutions. She is perpetually curious and approaches her craft from a variety of angles to ensure every design leaves a lasting impact.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University and over a decade of experience working with clients such as Altria, CNN, and the National Park Association, she knows how to elevate a brand.

Whether she’s traveling abroad, exploring local French restaurants, or finding the perfect piece of clothing, Crystal excels at uncovering the memorable and unique.

I love creating striking visuals that offer a fresh, yet authentic, take on imagining a brand.

Michael Couchman

Senior Designer – Brand Experience

Michael thrives when visually constructing a brand from the ground up and as a senior designer he is always finding ways to deliver innovative solutions for clients. He is adept at infusing a company's unique DNA into every element — from how its logo takes shape to its website and branded elements. His creativity and unique approach to design, which started from an early age, continues to evolve.

Michael holds a bachelor’s in Graphic Design from VCU and a bachelor’s in Product Innovation from the VCU Da Vinci Center, a combination that brings highly creative work, collaboration, and a human-centered mindset to the forefront.

In addition to visually shaping brands, Michael is an expert in creating blends that offer interesting new takes on classic cocktails.

I love shaping visual solutions that balance the expected with the unexpected.

Melinda Anselmo

Experiential & Graphic Designer

Melinda addresses both form and function in her design practice. Whether she's bringing a video to life with animation or designing spaces that enhance the employee experience, she elevates brands through her innate drive to deliver the exceptional.

Melinda first discovered a love for graphic design while pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from James Madison University, where she majored in architectural design. With the technical expertise and creativity of an architect, Melinda bridges both the physical and digital worlds within her work.

A lifelong athlete, Melinda exercises her competitive spirit through gymnastics and weightlifting challenges. And when relaxing in her spare time, she continues to flex her creative muscle through painting and also enjoys testing out new recipes.

I love designing branded office environments and creative elements that raise the bar for our clients.

Erin Ward-McCarty

Digital Project Manager

Erin embraces a “yes and” attitude and consistently finds opportunities to elevate our clients' websites and digital presence. Informed by her UX design and wireframing certifications, she brings thoughtful consideration and an ever-encouraging attitude that ensures each project is successful from beginning to end.

Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northern Kentucky University, Erin’s appreciation for the creative arts is apparent in everything she does, from the artistic eye she places on projects to seamlessly connect development, design, and details, to her years spent performing in musicals and plays. Seeing everyone play a role in bringing forth a successful result no matter the pursuit is what she enjoys most.

While Erin is comfortable on stage, she relishes spending time in the community, attending local concerts, visiting museums, and admiring the architecture that shapes our world.

I love it when our clients' digital presence differentiates their brand.

Andrew Michael

SEO & Content Specialist

Andrew embodies the convergence of art and technology. As an SEO Specialist, his passion for writing combines with his technical brain to create website content that is both compelling and precisely optimized for search.

Holding two degrees from the University of Virginia, Andrew is a lifelong learner— a trait essential in a field where the trends and technology are constantly evolving. He simultaneously acts as a student and teacher, monitoring search engine changes and industry best practices to help ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve. His enthusiasm for constant improvement and optimization ensures our websites are relevant today and well-positioned for future growth.

At his core, Andrew loves to elevate, enhance, and improve. Whether it’s experimenting with new ingredients in the kitchen or adjusting a brand’s digital presence, he approaches every opportunity with the same desire to uncover the perfect recipe for success.

I love helping clients find success online through language that attracts the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

Zach Stewart

Web Developer

Zach brings a unique perspective to every website he builds. As a developer, he takes a high level view of the client's goals before translating them into code—crafting each line as if it were art. Because for him, it is art.

An enthusiastic amateur pilot, Zach enjoys the precision and perspective that he gains while flying. Whether in the cockpit or at the keyboard, our clients benefit from his meticulous, exacting method of web development, and we benefit from his great personality and sense of humor.

I love it when all the pieces and parts come together and propel websites to perform at the highest level.

Anna Hogg


Anna is a visual storyteller who beautifully captures the essence of those in front of her lens. She brings dedication and empathy to her craft, creating a deep connection with her subjects, and transforms their spoken words into realized visions.

With an appreciation for creative expression in all forms, Anna enjoys the discovery process that ranges from shaping a company’s story, to reaching the conclusion of a good book, hiking down a new path, and finding a new hobby to master. She gathers inspiration from both loved ones and the world around her, effectively translating her motivations into art that is itself inspirational.

I love it when the story starts to take shape from what’s captured on film.

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© 2023 circle S studio Privacy Policy