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Over the past three decades our consulting firm has focused on nine key traits that drive success for high performing companies — and the experiences that help them stand out in the marketplace. In the aftermath of the massive disruptions brought on by the pandemic, we were curious: Do these traits still hold true? How are leaders defining the notion of being best in class now, and has it changed?

To find out, we partnered with a third-party research firm to survey B2B executives. The findings reveal three distinct mindsets around best in class companies and the importance of the brand, employee and client experiences. To find out more, download the executive summary and sign up for insights and updates on best in class companies.

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As attrition rates rose to record highs of 33% during the pandemic, research indicated that the main reason for leaving a job, or even the workplace in general, was a desire for more purposeful experiences that provided a sense of purpose and aligned with personal values.

In this detailed webinar with our research partner, Audience Audit’s Susan Baier, we discuss the outcome of our research and the different attitudinal segments it uncovered among professionals about high-performing B2B organizations.

Listen to our guest appearance on the Sell With Authority podcast.

Susan Quinn joined Stephen Woessner to discuss how companies can become best in class on the Sell With Authority Podcast. Hear what they have to say and learn more about our research findings by streaming the episode today.

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