Best in Class

Best in class businesses build better cultures and drive higher profits.

Every high-performing B2B company is vying for that enviable spot where they stand out from the competition.

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Does your company show up or stand out?

Our consulting practice monitors nine traits that all high performing companies exhibit. When done consistently, they outperform their peers and in many cases they become designated as best in class.

Recently, we conducted research to further explore what sets these companies apart and learned the distinct attitudes that support their success.

Best in class companies consistently outperform their peers in profitability, retention, and growth.


better retention for organizations with better employee experiences


increase in profitability for organizations with an engaged workforce

How does your company compare to the best in class?

See how you score in the 9 traits of high performing firms.

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Original research featured by leading industry experts.

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© 2024 circle S studio Privacy Policy