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Elevate Your Firm’s Reputation: 3 Employer Review Sites Your Company Should Be Using

06.27.2024 4 Minutes

To stay competitive while both attracting and retaining talent, employers should make sure they’re keeping the employee experience top-of-mind. One way to do this is having a presence on company review sites and reviewing what current, former, and prospective employees have to say.

According to Gallagher’s 2023 U.S. Organizational Wellbeing Report, 66% of the HR teams surveyed identified employee retention as their top priority. These numbers aren’t surprising when research shows that having engaged employees can lead to significant impacts on business outcomes.

To stay competitive while both attracting and retaining talent, employers should prioritize the employee experience, along with their firm’s brand reputation. One way to do this is by having a presence on company review sites and keeping a pulse on what current, former, and prospective employees have to say about working for them.

In this article, we’ll explore three company review sites your firm should use and how to leverage them to improve your company’s recruitment and retention numbers.

The Importance of Company Review Sites

Using employer review sites to monitor and respond to feedback on your firm can have meaningful effects on your recruitment and retention efforts.

When looking for work, research from Glassdoor shows that 86% of job seekers check out a company’s reviews and ratings to decide where they’ll apply for a job. Additionally, 7 out of 10 people surveyed indicated that they changed their opinion about a brand after seeing a company’s response to a review.

Engaging with comments online can be a signal to prospective hires that a company cares about its employees. Firms that actively invest in how they are perceived as an employer, also known as their “employer brand”, can expect to see reduced turnover by as much as 28%, making a presence on company review sites worth including in your digital strategy efforts (along with having a social media presence, content marketing, and more).

Increases in customer loyalty, productivity, and profitability are only a few of the benefits companies can expect to see when providing a better brand and employee experience. Review sites are one of many ways organizations can better understand brand perceptions online while highlighting ways to identify areas of improvement within a company.

Noting the significance of company review sites, let’s look at where to focus as there are many employer review sites where you can start actively monitoring and engaging. Here are the top three to consider, along with a few other sites worth exploring.

3 Company Review Sites To Use To Elevate Your Firm’s Reputation

1. Indeed

Indeed is considered the #1 job site in the world—receiving 350M+ unique visitors a month and providing visitors with access to millions of company reviews. The platform connects millions of people to new opportunities and is a resource for job seekers to post resumes, search for open positions, and research companies. It provides reviews and company ratings from current and former employees about their experiences with their employer and also includes a Q&A section where anyone can pose questions or reply to ones already asked for further insight into an organization.

For employers looking to maximize their presence on the platform, a few of the steps you can take include:

  • Posting jobs: This attracts a diverse pool of applicants while extending the reach of the application beyond your website or a select few job boards.
  • Updating your company page: Make sure your company page is updated with compelling photos, videos, and descriptions of what it’s like to work for your firm to help you stand out among your peers.
  • Leveraging platform integrations: Using the tools included in the platform will help streamline applications received and manage the screening process.
  • Requesting employee feedback: Reach out to happy former employees and ask them to write a review that adds credibility to your organization by reflecting authentic feedback.

2. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is very similar to Indeed. However, the main difference is that it offers more employer branding solutions, ranging from trends and tips for recruiting, retention, and branding to analytics tools that help you better understand who is engaging with your content and how your employer profile is being perceived. (It also receives a whopping 55M+ unique monthly visitors and contains 2.5M employer profiles for visitors to engage with.)

For employers looking to optimize their profile on Glassdoor, a few opportunities to enhance your firm’s standing with prospects and current employees include:

  • Engagement: Reply to reviews to show visitors that you value responding to questions and improving the employee experience at your company.
  • Updates: Provide updates on your company’s culture to provide prospects with a sense of what it’s like to work there.
  • Advocacy: Encourage authentic reviews from your current employees as this will help others considering employment with your firm while potentially opening the door for areas of opportunity to be identified.
  • Research: Review relevant community groups to better understand what is at the top of candidates’ minds in relevant industries.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform designed to digitally connect professionals around the world. However, its benefits extend beyond networking. LinkedIn can also be a powerful tool for building your company’s brand and reputation.

To get the most out of LinkedIn as an employer, try incorporating the following tips into your firm’s approach:

  • Share content: Post content that supports your firm’s thought leadership. Content should always balance between sharing company updates, news with industry insights, and thought leadership that is helpful and informative for your audience.
  • Encourage employee advocacy: This can amplify your firm’s content and help it reach a wider audience.
  • Engage with your audience: Interact with users who reply to your company’s content. This can strengthen your firm’s professional image and show that you are actively participating in online conversations.

Additional Employer Review Sites to Monitor

While the above platforms are excellent for enhancing your firm’s profile, there are many others to consider, each with its own unique focus areas:

Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® is an employee experience platform with the mission of helping organizations cultivate outstanding workplace cultures. Firms seeking this recognition send the platform’s in-depth survey to its team and if they meet all qualifications, the firm can become certified as a Great Place to Work®. Although its comprehensive methodology may result in fewer reviews, the quality of insights offered make it an invaluable resource for organizations striving to create exceptional employee experiences.


Comparably provides a list of the top-rated companies, as determined by their employees, in categories that include career growth, work-life balance, and company culture. Note that compared to larger sites, there won’t be as many reviews as other platforms.


InHerSight focuses on providing women with insights into an organization’s culture from a female-driven lens. The details shared differ from many other platforms in that they include female representation in leadership and maternity leave among its review categories. It is a niche platform, so it may result in fewer reviews and less data to draw from.

The Muse

The Muse emphasizes that its platform can help prospects find a career match where the “people, perks, and values align” with their needs. This platform is great for providing a wide range of advice, job listings, and profiles; however, it does not provide many employee reviews or include many small businesses.


Blind offers anonymous and verified employee reviews. With 10M professionals sharing feedback on this platform, it is one to check and see if your company has a presence. While other industries are represented, Blind is tech-heavy on the types of firms featured.

Your Own Website

When updating your profile on any employer review sites, make sure your website is on the list of areas to optimize. Your website is oftentimes one of the first places a prospective hire will visit, so keeping it up to date with employee testimonials and news is important. Employee features, like award recognitions or company events, provide a sense of what it’s like to work for your organization.

Leverage Reviews for Continuous Improvement

Embracing employer review sites is not just about attracting talent; it’s about fostering a culture of continuous improvement within your organization. By actively engaging with reviews and feedback, you can gain valuable insights into your company’s strengths and areas for development.

This ongoing dialogue helps build a transparent and responsive employer brand, demonstrating to current and prospective employees that you value their input and are committed to creating a stand-out employee experience.

As you incorporate these practices into your digital strategy, remember that the ultimate goal is to create an environment where employees feel heard, appreciated, and motivated. This approach will not only enhance your recruitment efforts, but also drive long-term retention, improve productivity, and overall business success.

Start today by prioritizing your presence on key review sites and harnessing the power of feedback to elevate your firm’s reputation and workplace culture.

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