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4 Ways Financial Services Firms Can Use Data in Visual Content Marketing

08.25.2022 3 Minutes

Financial services firms have a unique opportunity to create compelling, informative content using the massive amounts of industry data at their disposal. However, many firms don’t take advantage of their data to engage their audience with visual content marketing.

Whether it’s market trends, industry statistics, customer figures or other financial information, financial services firms have access to a large amount of data. This data can be leveraged to create impactful visual content for their content marketing. Humans are visual creatures and visual content is highly engaging and effective in making your message memorable. Here are four ways to make your firm’s data into visually compelling images for maximum impact.


Infographics are a great format to make a large amount of data engaging for the audience. They are a visual way for financial services firms to show stats like current market trends or results from a specific survey in an impactful and visual way.

For example, Visual Capitalist recently published an infographic on the top 100 most valuable brands in 2022 that captures the value of different brands based on their market sectors:

eBooks and guides

eBooks and guides give financial firms an opportunity to focus on a specific white paper-like topic, but provide impactful visuals to showcase supporting data. Like white papers, this kind of content provides a way to build thought leadership in the financial services industry. Further, by putting premium content behind a form on a landing page optimized for conversion, firms can capture a prospect’s information to begin to build a relationship and send relevant content to them in other ways.


Video is a powerful and increasingly popular content format, with Hubspot research showing video has become the most commonly used format in content marketing above blogs and infographics. 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 59% of those who don’t currently use video say they plan to start in 2020 (Weidert Group). Leveraging video in your B2B marketing strategy is a valuable and compelling way to showcase data in a way that resonates with your audience. Videos are specifically helpful for more difficult financial topics that are easier to understand verbally and visually.

Bank of America is an excellent example of showing short, engaging videos on specific topics that include data in a visual way. Many videos are under five minutes, which is long enough to give detailed information but short enough to keep the audience’s attention. Their Homeownership Tips from Better Money Habits playlist of videos is one example:

Social media images and videos

One way to engage followers on social media is to include impactful visuals as a part of your strategy. Posts with images or videos tend to have more clicks and engagement from followers than posts that do not.

Mint’s Facebook page shows how visuals can encourage likes, clicks and shares. They often share budgeting stats and tips as photos or videos. Below is an example of one animated video about their app usage.

Visualize your data

Marketing for financial services firms doesn’t have to be boring or mundane. The ability to visually represent data in a compelling image or video can increase the impact of your financial services firm’s content marketing efforts.

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