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9 Recommendations for Looking Your Best in a Company Video

05.05.2022 4 Minutes

You’ve worked at your company for years. You help make all the decisions, people look up to you, and you’re about to star in a video on your company’s website, social media channels or maybe even on TV. In order to most effectively convey your message, it’s important to look your best!

Video is beginning to dominate the marketing world, and it’s an extremely powerful tool in today’s digital landscape. It’s no surprise that looking confident and appearing well-maintained is an essential part of making any video that much more appealing and effective. You want your viewers to pay attention to your message, and not get distracted by your appearance or anything else on screen.

There are a number of details that go into creating a high-quality video that many people haven’t thought of before, especially if it’s your first time on screen. So before your next video shoot, here are some DOs & DON’Ts to consider in the days and weeks leading up to your camera debut:

DO wear solid colors

When it comes to your wardrobe, solid colors work best — whether they be bright, bold or earthy. Stripes, florals and other eye-popping designs are wildly distracting to the casual observer, so keep the patterns to a minimum. (Unless that’s your style and it’s what you’re known for!) Also, be sure to avoid any logos. If you show up with a big ‘swoosh’-like check mark on your chest, you’ll probably have to change, or the editor will have no choice but to blur it out in post-production. So do everyone a favor and stick to solid colors. You’ll be happy you did!

DON’T wear green (on green-screen shoot days)

If you’re going to be in front of a green screen, do not under any circumstances wear green. Your shirt will key out and it will be extremely difficult to fix in post-production, if it’s even possible at all. If it can’t be fixed, you’ll look like a floating head on the screen! Don’t hesitate to ask someone if you’re not sure what the shoot setup will be.

DO apply makeup

Do you normally have a shiny complexion? If so, dull it down. You don’t want your head to act as a reflector on camera. Men often don’t want to do this, but everyone — both men and women — should wear some degree of base makeup that matches their natural skin tone when appearing on screen. Viewers will thank you.

DO ask questions

If you have any trepidation about what you’ll be wearing on camera, ask the team working with you. Everyone wants you to look your best, so err on the side of caution and ask about a particular look — especially if you’re having reservations. Odds are, you should go with your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. But again, ask the professionals for advice. That’s what they’re here for!

DON’T forget to smile

It’s your time to shine — so let those pearly whites fly! Everyone loves smiling and seeing people who do. Sometimes it can be hard to remember to smile when you’re so focused on what you’re going to say or are distracted by everything going on around you. Go ahead and pep yourself up before the shoot, if you must! Think of the end product. A smiling face goes a long way towards keeping viewers engaged and making potential clients and customers want to work with you. So put your best face forward!

DO speak clearly and concisely

Know your subject matter and be prepared to be the expert once the lights go up, especially if the video is unscripted. Have bottled water nearby in case your mouth gets dry, and always speak clearly and concisely. You don’t want a scratchy throat or hesitation in your voice to force viewers to turn their attention elsewhere.

DON’T speak slowly or robotically

When you’re in a video, whether to promote a brand or train clients, you want to be as engaging as possible. The quickest way to lose viewers is to speak like a robot. Work on your inflection before sitting down to talk on camera. Just as you would do for a big presentation, practice and preparation beforehand are essential to success. And if you’ve got charm, bring it with you. Charisma goes a long way towards keeping eyeballs glued to you!

DO get lots of sleep the night before

Tiredness shows, and you don’t want to look exhausted when you sit down under the hot lights of a film set (Although, with modern LED lighting, the temperature is much cooler than it used to be!). Make sure you get sleep the night before. You’ll feel better, you’ll look better, and you’ll have more energy for the busy day ahead. Viewers will notice how well-rested you look!

DON’T be discouraged by multiple takes

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect to be done filming your video after one take. Keep that smile up, be prepared to do multiple takes, and listen to the producer/director. They’re there to make you look great and to make sure what you’re saying is accurate. Everyone would prefer to take a little extra time on the day of the shoot to perfect it instead of having to come back and re-shoot your interview because a line was flubbed or you were visibly flustered on camera. While Rome wasn’t built in a day, it was eventually built. Keep that in mind and know that your interview won’t last forever! It’s all part of the process and is necessary to achieve excellence in your video project.

Every detail matters

While these tips may seem like minor or insignificant things to remember, they matter more than you think. A lot of strategy and planning goes into any video, and one of the most important things you can do as the talent is to do your part in getting the message across to your audience – and paying attention to these details will help to eliminate any distraction from that message. If this is your first time on camera, it’s natural to be nervous. But remember that you were chosen to be in the video for a reason. You’re the expert, and with preparation and practice, you have nothing to fear!

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