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Design for the Non-Designer: Tips & Tricks to Elevate Proposals & Presentations [On-Demand Webinar]


Elevate your A/E/C proposals and presentations with these actionable design tips and tricks.

Free On-Demand Webinar

Across the A/E/C industry, non-designers regularly find themselves in roles where they need to utilize programs such as Adobe Indesign to create, edit, or customize important marketing documents such as proposals and presentations.

However, many of these professionals have never received any kind of formal training in these programs or their best practices — and may be missing out on key capabilities or workflows that could help them work more effectively and efficiently.

In this webinar, Senior Designer Crystal Cregge will cover several design tips and tricks that non-designers can use to elevate their proposals and presentations. She will also provide a practical demonstration of design best practices you can use to customize a template file to match your brand (with downloadable practice + example files).


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  • How to leverage templates from different platforms to speed up your design process
  • How different structures of visual hierarchy can lead to more effective designs
  • How to consistently express your brand in proposal templates and presentations
  • Practical tips for converting a template file into a powerful marketing tool that follows your brand guidelines and streamlines your workflows
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