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Give Your Brand a Voice and Make Your Messaging More Inviting, Engaging and Believable

04.11.2013 2 Minutes

According to Nielsen ratings, on average 1,600 marketing messages confront us each day. But how many do we actually remember? And with more content being generated every day, it’s harder for brands to differentiate themselves in a way that attracts and holds attention.

We’ve previously discussed the importance of content marketing and how, if done right, it can help your company stand out by delivering valuable information and subject-matter expertise that makes your prospects more educated, more likely to view your company as experts, and ultimately more likely to buy from you. Demonstrating value through informative content is critical, but is your content and messaging inviting, engaging and believable?

Hook your audience with personality

Think of your brand like a guest at a dinner party. Would anyone want to sit next to him and strike up a conversation? While people want information to help with purchase decisions, they want it in a way that’s interesting and relatable on their level — not overly technical or sterile.

So don’t be afraid to incorporate human characteristics and emotion, like humor, wit or attitude — just as long as it embodies your unique culture and makes sense for your brand.

Avoid messaging that blends in

It’s easy for brands within the same industry to find themselves talking about the same products and services in the same way. And many times, communication revolves around features and benefits, one-upping the competition, etc.

Instead, observe the intimate relationship between the audience and your product or service. How do they use it? Would they be able to live without it? If not, why? Is there an emotional benefit? Then, focus on that connection in a way to get at a deeper truth.

Generate conversation — but also remember to listen

Consumers have become experts at tuning out noise—intrusive content that simply talks at them. Instead, they want to be involved. As a result, marketing is constantly evolving as a two-way communication.

By opening discussion to your audience, you can gain authentic insight on how they interact with your product or service, as well as discover what’s working and what’s not—and how to fix it.

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It’s nearly impossible to talk to your audience on a face-to-face level, but a conscious, charismatic and conversational brand voice along with valuable and educational content can help you connect with them in a way that’s more meaningful and effective.

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