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How to Know When Your Brand Needs a Refresh

02.27.2020 3 Minutes

How do you know when your brand needs a refresh?

How to Know When Your Brand Needs a Refresh - VIDEO

In the latest video episode from circle S studio, Tim Asimos, Director of Digital + Growth, shares several strategic reasons your firm should undertake a brand refresh.

Video transcript

A powerful and differentiating brand can be an amazing asset for many companies. Understanding when it’s time to refresh that brand however can be a point of uncertainty for a lot of marketers and business leaders. So today, we’re going to be talking about how to know when your brand needs a refresh.

Hi everyone, it’s Tim Asimos from circle S studio. Are you wondering whether or not you should be investing time and resources and energy into updating your firm’s brand? I’m here to give you several strategic reasons to undertake a brand refresh.

First thing’s first: Your brand does not set your company apart. Let’s go back to the origins of branding. It was really a very simple concept. It was the idea of setting your cattle apart from the rancher’s cattle next door. So you have to ask yourself the question, “Does your firm’s brand set yourself apart from all of your competitors, or do you simply blend in?” If your brand does not help your firm stand out from the marketplace, then that is a great reason to refresh your brand.

Another great reason to refresh your brand is a dated or tired look and feel. Many brands are a product of their era. Much like cars and clothes and refrigerators will always tell you what year or what decade they were from, brands are very much the same way. If your brand looks old, if it looks ’80s or ’90s or it just does not look current, that is a great reason for you to refresh your brand.

Next on the list is an underdeveloped brand to begin with. A lot of businesses have been very successful in spite of the fact that they don’t have a really powerful, visually interesting brand. The logo maybe was designed by the founder of the company or perhaps someone’s 15-year-old nephew did the design for them way back when. Regardless, if your brand does not have the polish and sophistication that puts the best image and the best reflection of who your business is today, that’s a great reason to undertake a brand refresh. Here’s the truth. If your company has never invested in a quality, professional, sophisticated brand, and the brand you currently have reflects that reality, that alone is a great reason to refresh your brand.

The last reason is that your business has evolved, and the brand that you currently have does not reflect that evolution. Maybe you’ve added some new service offerings, you’ve made some acquisitions, you’ve entered new markets, you’re going after a completely different target audience. Maybe your core values have changed or your vision or mission. Regardless of what those internal changes have been, if your external brand does not reflect the internal company that you are today and moving forward, then that means you have a very strategic solid reason to undertake a brand refresh.

So there are several solid reasons to consider a brand refresh. I hope you guys have enjoyed this video, and stay tuned for more video content from circle S studio in the future.

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