5 Website Features to Fall in Love With

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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share a few trending website features that we have fallen in love with. Each of these has their own unique set of characteristics and benefits for a website’s design and functionality. Here are a few features to consider for your website.

Parallax Design 

Parallax Website Design


If you have never experienced a parallax website, you definitely need to check it out. This website for the Range Rover Evoque was designed in collaboration with Victoria Beckham. As you scroll down, the website literally changes before your eyes and shows you different features of the car. For example, the zoomed in section (above) moves across the screen as your mouse scrolls. It’s pretty amazing technology.

Single Page 

Single Page Website Design


This website for American Airlines has a very simplistic design. There is only one page to navigate! As you scroll down, you will go through different sections of the website. The circles on the right tell you how far into the website page you are.

Responsive Design

Responsive Website Design


You probably know from our previous blog post about responsive web design that we love responsive websites. While our TEDx website is our favorite, we love other responsive sites as well. Qdoba’s mouth-watering images and clean design is a great example of a responsive website to fall in love with.

Interactivity & Social Integration

Interactive and Social Integration Website

We love the interactivity of this website for WWF Earth Hour. You will have to visit this website to really get the feel for it. As you slide the button across, the picture above animates and changes. The website also encourages people to get involved in the Earth Hour movement through social media channels in a unique way and makes it easy to share.

Fixed Navigation

Fixed Website Navigation Sticky Header

Fixed or “sticky” navigation is a great feature for websites because it helps the visitor be able to navigate to a different page at any time. The website for this outdoor gear company, Kathmandu, exhibits this feature well.  It makes the experience better, allows for easy navigation and ultimately helps the company increase its chance of leads.

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These are just a few of the latest website features and functionality that we have fallen in love with. What about you?

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