How can a brand express the multifaceted attributes of a dynamic global asset manager?



RiverFront Investment Group is a global asset manager that employs a dynamic investment approach with uncommon transparency. As the firm grew and matured, the original brand and website that we had created for them needed to evolve as well to better reflect who they have become and position them for continued growth into the future.

Starting with Strategy

RiverFront’s confident, humble culture has led the firm to become a steadfast, yet vibrant, partner for the advisors they serve. Spend a few minutes with their team, and you’ll find intelligent, dedicated advisors and staff with a clear, systematic methodology centered around adding value. Demonstrating exactly this was the goal as there was an opportunity to show how their product offerings addressed the end client’s investment goals. The website refresh presented multiple paths for engaging with RiverFront’s extensive thought leadership–reflecting the duality of art and science that lives within their investment approach and product offerings.

What goes into a brand refresh? Click through the elements below.


Key Messages

‘Unwavering support in a dynamic world’ and the ‘art & science of dynamic investing’ became central messages for RiverFront.


Brand Style Guide

A brand system for the team to use consistently and effectively as the company grows.


Photography Styles

Portraits paired with personal interests reflect the individuality of the team and the importance of strong relationships to their culture.


Website Redesign

In addition to a steady flow of thought leadership and market commentaries, a toolkit of fact sheets and a proposal generator gave advisors the ability to create personalized materials for clients.


Printed Materials

The angled line and complementary curves of RiverFront’s primary brand visual was inspired by the charts and graphs they create


Interior Office

Customized plexiglass patterns, engraved image frame systems, and display of the firm’s vision, values, and purpose bring RiverFront’s brand into the interior environment.


Holiday E-Cards

Animated videos reflect RiverFront’s gratitude for its clients, employees, customers, and partners.

Branded Materials

Updated photography, flowing patterns, swirling textures, and precise angles and overlays convey the refined, yet multi-faceted, nature of RiverFront’s services.

Motion Graphics Templates

RiverFront’s experts publish weekly insights to provide partners with up-to-the-minute reports on economic news and analysis, often using video to share these details. A motion graphics template offered a quick and easy system of putting out consistently branded videos at a rapid pace.

Call to action background

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