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Commanding the Conversation is a Full-Body Experience with Lena Sisco


Episode Overview

Being a good communicator may seem straightforward, but according to research from Leadership IQ, 93% of leaders think they are great at it, and only 11% of their employees agree. That’s because effective communication is a set of learned skills that require incredible self-awareness, continuous development, and an improvement mindset.

Our guest, Lena Sisco, is a former Navy Intelligence Officer who is blowing up the international speaking stage as a Body Language and Communications Expert. In this episode, she shares powerful tips on how to communicate with confidence and clarity to propel growth for your team and company.

We don’t know how people are going to receive our message. So instead of worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet, just deliver the message and be the most effective communicator you can possibly be.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Tips for being an effective communicator that include putting emotions aside
  • Ways to combat all-or-nothing thinking and confirmation bias
  • Why providing feedback can help you become a better communicator and leader
  • How increasing your self-awareness can lead to becoming a more trustworthy individual

Lena is a former Navy Intelligence Officer, a Marine Corps certified interrogator who served in the Global War on Terror, and the CEO and Founder of The Congruency Group. In 2024, she was voted the top 11th body language expert in the world. Lena is also an international keynote speaker and former TEDx speaker. Since 2003, she has been training the Department of Defense, government agencies, special forces, and private sector in interviewing and interrogation, statement analysis, change leadership, and more.

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