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The Importance of Communication and Collaboration Throughout the Video Process

01.23.2020 3 Minutes

When a firm hires a video production crew to film their next video, whether it be an introduction to a new brand, a vlog for content marketing, or a new video for the website, communication is key in order to have a successful end product. And it’s important to remember that that applies throughout the entire project and not only during the initial pre-production phase.

While the early strategic stages of a video project are extremely important, it’s not the be-all and end-all of the creative process. Rather, it’s a work-in-progress. If a firm is completely invested in the way their brand looks, sounds and feels to their audience throughout production, then it will show when all is said and done. Here are several things to be sure to communicate with your video production crew from initial planning to post-production.

Identify the right team

First things first: make sure you pick the best crew for the job. Meet with the folks behind-the-camera to get a feel for their personality, their skills and even their equipment. For instance, find out if they have the right gear for the job. If they don’t, make sure they can get it. One of the hardest parts of the whole process is making sure you have the right people in place to get the job done.

Convey your firm’s brand

One fundamental aspect to be sure to thoroughly explain to the team is your firm’s brand. Is it slick and sophisticated? Friendly and conversational? Whatever it may be, know how to convey that brand, personality and company culture to the video crew so that everyone is on the same page from the get-go in terms of video style and themes.

Direct the vision

Even though they’re the professionals, the video crew needs a firm’s ideas, input and expertise to make an awesome final product. Once the project is green-lit, firms should make sure to have ideas to present. This prevents the crew from spinning their wheels for days to figure out the vision for the video.

The video crew can collaborate with a firm to help fully flesh-out their ideas, but proper direction is key in order to lock down the concepts and how a firm wants them visually presented on-screen. Firms should continue to be in continuous contact with the crew throughout the project to make sure this vision is coming to life.

Consider video size and medium

How will your firm’s video be presented and where will it live? On the website? On Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social platform? Will it be e-mailed to clients? Or used at a major presentation?

The type of screen where a video will be featured plays a key role in how the video will be filmed, scripted, etc. With a multitude of file size requirements needed in today’s digital world, make sure to have that conversation early and often, so no one gets caught off guard when it comes time to wrap up the project.

Get the best shot

While the video team are the ones in control of the camera, it’s helpful for a firm to provide input on what to shoot, and how you want it shot, if there’s a specific need. Your firm knows yourselves better than the camera crew who shoots countless projects each year for a variety of clientele.

So if there’s an important shot that might not jump out to the casual viewer, make sure to call attention to it and let the camera operators know what’s needed and why. Putting shots in context to the crew is beneficial too as the team progresses through the shoot day. Even if it’s only to put their mind at ease, it’s totally worth it in the end.

Partnership is key

Great videos aren’t created in a vacuum. It takes frequent calls, e-mails, Skype sessions and in-person meetings to create a video everyone can be proud of. If left to their own creative devices without direction, a video creator might go a totally different direction in the editing room and provide something so off-brand that it’s hard to corral it back on track.

But when a firm is a solid partner throughout the process, providing positive and respectable feedback from start-to-finish, then it will be evident in the final cut. By the time deliverables are due, your firm will have a video you’ll be thrilled to share with everyone from clients to internal associates and other stakeholders.

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