Top Five 2020 Resolutions for B2B Marketers

Tim Asimos 01.03.2020 4 Minutes

B2B Marketers: What are your 2020 resolutions?

In the latest video episode from circle S studio, Tim Asimos, Partner and Director of Digital + Growth talks about five key resolutions that B2B marketers should make in 2020.

Video transcript

It’s a new year which means that many of us are making resolutions to improve ourselves in the year ahead. Today we’re going to be talking about some key resolutions that B2B marketers should make in 2020.

Hey everyone, it’s Tim Asimos from circle S studio. B2B marketers face some unique challenges, especially those that work in service-based businesses, whether it’s earning trust and getting a seat at the table or gaining a buy-in for your ideas—and then getting the budget to move those ideas forward. To help, we’ve come up with five marketing resolutions for you to make in the new year.

All right—Resolution Number One: Make the CEO’s priorities your priorities. I think all of us as marketers, we look through the lens of marketing all the time and it makes sense—we are after all marketers. But we have to recognize that what our CEO, what our president, what our managing partner wakes up thinking about, what often keeps him awake at night is not those things. So in the year ahead, we need to focus on aligning our thoughts, our focus, our activities around helping accomplish the strategic objectives of our firm by making the CEO’s priorities our priorities.

Resolution Number Two: Think and act strategically. There are a million things that are out there for marketers to do. Lots of tactics, lots of tools, lots of technology that are always at our disposal. But in the year ahead we need to be focused more on what we should be doing, and less about the things that we could be doing. We need to align the work that our teams are doing with what is most going to achieve our firm’s strategic objectives.

Resolution Number Three: Make a business case for your ideas. Oftentimes we go to leadership with this great idea that we’ve dreamed up, and we’re shocked when they say no or at best, they give us a maybe. But often it’s because we fail to connect the dots to the idea we’re putting forth and ultimately how it will help us achieve those strategic objectives that, as we talked about earlier, the CEO cares about. So in the year ahead, be sure that you make a true business case for your ideas and connect those strategic dots.

Resolution Number Four: Demonstrate cause and effect. Often as B2B marketers we’re asked to show an ROI for marketing activities which can be really, really challenging if you’re talking about something like sending out an email, or even launching a new website. So instead I want you to think about demonstrating cause and effect. How did that particular marketing activity reach, or exceed the objectives that you set out to accomplish?

Last but not least, Resolution Number Five: Look outside your bubble. That might be an industry bubble, that might be a company bubble, that might even be a personal bubble. But in the year ahead I want you to draw inspiration, draw insights, draw ideas from outside of the places that you typically get them. This might mean you need to go to some conferences, you may need to join a new organization or read some different books or some different websites. It also might mean that you need to look outside of your industry altogether at retail or B2C, look at some of what the big brands are doing. Bring some new ideas, bring some new inspiration to your marketing team, to your marketing activities. That is how you are going to make a bigger impact with your marketing in 2020.

All right, so those are my top five New Year’s resolutions for B2B marketers. I hope you’ve enjoyed our video, and I want you to stay tuned for more content from circle S studio throughout the year.



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