Rockingham Insurance

How do you modernize a brand that has been in existence since 1869?



Rockingham Insurance (previously Rockingham Group) believes in providing great service and has been helping generations of policyholders in Virginia for over 150 years. While this quality-focused insurance company has a rock-solid foundation, its brand didn’t accurately reflect the company’s vibrant energy and deep roots in the community.

Starting with Strategy

Rockingham Insurance prides itself on providing customers with coverage that’s right for their unique situations — not just the cheapest rate that doesn’t truly come with solid protection. Interviews with internal stakeholders, agents, and customers showed that Rockingham delivers excellent customer service, which is reflected by its strong retention rates among policyholders. However, there was an opportunity to build a more robust marketing program that supported agents in communicating why Rockingham stands apart from other insurers.

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Brand positioning to differentiate Rockingham from its competitors, while staying authentic to the reputation they established.


Key Messages

The tagline “Wherever you are, we’re here” emphasizes Rockingham’s commitment as an insurance company as well as a friend and neighbor to its customers.


Logo Redesign

Inspired by a map pin to emphasize “here” in the tagline, Rockingham’s emblem also features the Massanutten mountain as a nod to its roots in Harrisonburg, Virginia.


Brand Guidelines & Standards

The brand color palette provides a modern look that is also professional, friendly, and approachable.



Branded materials to bring cohesion among the office signage, business cards, postcards, and other printed elements of the brand.


Animated Ads & Commercials

The animated and live-action ad spots introduced Rockingham’s new brand to the market. Later iterations illustrated a fun take on how other insurers deliver half of what customers need instead of all of what they want.

Brand Materials

An advertising campaign that included TV, radio, billboards, and digital ads introduced the modernized Rockingham brand to the market. The campaign promoted their four primary products: auto, home, farm and business insurance in key target areas. Additionally, a new, more responsive website that was more intuitive and easier to navigate, was unveiled along with new microsites for each of their exclusive Rockingham agents.

Branded Commercials

As the Rockingham brand has evolved, the creative has evolved with it. Updated commercials were produced around the concept of a bargain meaning sometimes getting half of what you want rather than all of what you need. This was played out in three different ways – at a birthday party, with the coverage of half an umbrella, and only half a mowed lawn.

Call to action background

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